Tuesday, May 8, 2012

the Secret: the MAGIC book by Rhonda Byrne

the Secret book, mullet skirt, make up foundation: new in the market
New buys today


 My sister showed me a video about this book and it really inspires me, not only me but my whole family. So when we went to SM mall and visit National Bookstore we saw this book and we are really happy to see this. The next few days I decided to buy the book and there you go. After I read every chapter of the book, I shared it to my mom and the rest of the family. They also do every practices that the book is prepared. Now, my mother ask me to buy a small notebook where she can list all his dreams in life. This is really amazing, and I love my family because we are all one in hope and in dreams, and they are so supportive. They believe on us. We believe that life is full of surprises.

The book is about  MAGIC, I mean Magic of  Life, this will make your everyday life magical. And its really true, this is our 2nd day of our magical life. This is really exciting. The book includes ways of living a life to the fullest. This will transform your relationships, jobs, financial status, etc. into a better one. I suggest whatever your situation right now in every aspect of your life, I urge you to buy this book and watch the video of "the secret",this will transform not only your life but even the whole world that you live in.
 Now, we are excited of our life everyday, because we believe that God has prepared great things in our lives. And he use this book to reach many people that the secret of living a life to the fullest is this way. This is really exciting!

Dream Girl Foundation
I bought this at Watson, same day I bought the book, the sales lady introduce this product to me and test it on her skin. I am impressed, because the product is really great, its not sticky like the other make up foundation that I am using. Its like a powder, its quick to dry, and whitens your skin. I bought one and try this one if this will work for me. She also told me that this is new to the market. So why not try. :)

Hope you follow my blog. Will be posting also here our life's journey.


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