Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY: Peter Pan Collar Dress

The dress that I made for the first time. Its a matter of imagination, passion, and know how to operate the sewing machine. LOL Love this dress, the material I use is chiffon high quality and more thicker than the usual. Its soft and comfy. very pretty when worn. Hope I can put a when worn photo on this dress. I'll post it here soon. :)

You can also check the dress details on this site monicascloset .

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring: Review

Etude House Bubble Hair Dye
I've been wanting to dye my hair lately, I am undecided to dye my hair in Salon or will do it on my own, and I am happy when I visit Etude House yesterday at Robinson I saw this product. It cost PHP378 per box and it comes with different color. I bought  the Sweet Orange color for a change. The box includes the ff:
  1. Bubble Hair Coloring solution
  2. Silky Perfumed Treatment: Conditioner
  3. Pump bottle with liquid inside
  4. Instruction manual and some plastic gloves and cape
New Buys for today
Bought a journal at National Bookstore
King Jim, cost PHP128.00

1. Pour content of  #1(30ml) to #2(50ml).
2. After pouring #1 to #2, DON'T SHAKE IT, mix it very gently to side by side.
3. Wear the gloves and the cape to protect your skin from stain.
4. Pump the fume bubble out of the bottle.
5. Apply to wet hair just like shampooing.
6. Leave it for 30min to 1 hour and rinse, in my case I leave it for 1 hour to see best color result.
7.Apply the treatment after rinsing the hair, leave for 2-3min.
8. Let your hair dry.
9. There you go! Ready to take some photo!

The product is good, its easy to apply, I'll rate it 9/10.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

the Secret: the MAGIC book by Rhonda Byrne

the Secret book, mullet skirt, make up foundation: new in the market
New buys today


 My sister showed me a video about this book and it really inspires me, not only me but my whole family. So when we went to SM mall and visit National Bookstore we saw this book and we are really happy to see this. The next few days I decided to buy the book and there you go. After I read every chapter of the book, I shared it to my mom and the rest of the family. They also do every practices that the book is prepared. Now, my mother ask me to buy a small notebook where she can list all his dreams in life. This is really amazing, and I love my family because we are all one in hope and in dreams, and they are so supportive. They believe on us. We believe that life is full of surprises.

The book is about  MAGIC, I mean Magic of  Life, this will make your everyday life magical. And its really true, this is our 2nd day of our magical life. This is really exciting. The book includes ways of living a life to the fullest. This will transform your relationships, jobs, financial status, etc. into a better one. I suggest whatever your situation right now in every aspect of your life, I urge you to buy this book and watch the video of "the secret",this will transform not only your life but even the whole world that you live in.
 Now, we are excited of our life everyday, because we believe that God has prepared great things in our lives. And he use this book to reach many people that the secret of living a life to the fullest is this way. This is really exciting!

Dream Girl Foundation
I bought this at Watson, same day I bought the book, the sales lady introduce this product to me and test it on her skin. I am impressed, because the product is really great, its not sticky like the other make up foundation that I am using. Its like a powder, its quick to dry, and whitens your skin. I bought one and try this one if this will work for me. She also told me that this is new to the market. So why not try. :)

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Afternoon: LOOKBook.nu / New Accesories Arrival

Hey guys, my new look on LOOKBook today, Sunday. I want it simple but presentable in going to church, and since it's so hot in the city, I wear skirt and paired it with sleeveless to make it more comfortable. Just keep scrolling and see our NEW ARRIVALS. xoxo
 With my sister molly who took my pictures today.
Strangers on the park begging us to take some pictures on them. HAHA There you go guys!


Lace Collar Beb Necklace
Beb necklace design #2
Lace Beb Necklace
Summer Hat
For order visit us here:
Usamimi Headband Collection
For prices and order go here:
Shimmering Puff Powder

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fashion addiction: Can't live without

1. Lipstick - I'm not comfortable going outside without lipstick, I have a lot of branded lippies but few of it is my favorite. I have NYX. Victoria Secrete. Sansan. Sophie. Ever Belina. Nichido. Etude House. My favorite is matte Ever Belina and Sophie, because its not that shiny and it last long.

2. Contact Lenses - I have a poor eye site so I need it. :) I prefer colored contact lenses since its fashionable.
Few of my favorite pair of shoes
3. Pair of Shoes -  Aside from bags, I love shoes, its nice to have beautiful and comfortable shoes because it takes you wherever you are. And for me,  if you have beautiful shoes though you wear simple outfit, it will look super pretty. In short, shoes will give big impact for the whole outfit.

I wear brandnew and thrifted shoes. My favotite brands as of now, SO! FAB and Primadonna, I really love their shoes.

4. Bags - Of course, every girl loves bags, when it comes to bags I am not particular of brands, as long as I like and love it I buy it. I am more particular on the designs and price. Below are few of my bags, some are thrifted some are not. This is where I place my favorite piece.
These are the things that I can't live without, how about you? What are the things that you can't live without?

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Summer Lovin: mustard bunny short & collard blue stripe top

HYPE this on LOOKBook.nu
Todays look on LOOKBook, white & blue stripe collard top and mustard bunny short. Thank you for my boyfriend for the short, he bought it for me yesterday as his peace offering. Love it! xoxo
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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Shopaholic: New buys first week of the month

Semi leather inspired hand bag. I got an eye to this last few weeks and I can't wait any longer to make this mine. I bought it at last yesterday, wew!. I super love the design. Its spacious inside so I can bring all my kikay kits with me anywhere I go. I bought this at Gaisano Grand, Ilustre, Davao City; and its very cheap.You can check it there if your from Davao. They sell very cheap but fashionable bags.
Mustard Bunny Short
Gaisano Grand Ilustre
Mustard bunny short, my boyfriend bought this for me as a peace offering, the same day I bought the hand bag at Gaisano. I like this because its trendy and I can pair this with different tops that I have. I'll be wearing this on LOOKBook.nu soon. Keep in touch!

Cellphone Jelly Case
 My new bunny cellphone jelly case, I've been attracted to bunny stuff lately. Its so cute, this is really great for cellphones like mine since it can protect your phone from scratches.

Soon I'll buy the pink one, though I like this better. Anyway, bought this at the side walk vendor in ilustre. They sell it for PHP150 but they give it to me for PHP120. Hehehe. Tawad charm!

minerals/spot concealer
At first, I thought its an eye liner but I was amazed that it wasn't. It's a great product, it can really conceal your dark spot on your eyes. I really love this, I'm happy I bought one. Love all Nichido's product, its very cheap and has good quality.
Singapore Authentic
Bought this online for a very cheap price, I saw this one at multiply.com yet it cost around PHP750-PHP800 and I'm happy I saw one at Facebook and sell this for only PHP300. It's quite big difference, the product is not that amazing, I like the matte better. The set of brush you can order it to us for PHP250.00 ONLY at our shop. http://www.facebook.com/monicasclosetonline

This is my new buys first week of the month,  Ill be posting alot more. hope you keep in touch and follow my blog. There's more lovely piece that I will post soon.


mini walk in closet: mOnica's Closet

mOnica's Closet
UP: Latest photo of our closet, for orders you can visit us on facebook. Like us to get exclusive updates.

mini walk in closet: mOnicas's Closet

This is where our stock are stored from http://www.facebook.com/monicasclosetonline  . All for sale items displayed on our shop is on the right side of the room. The other side will be my personal stuff. All new items will be displayed on this area.

HISTORY of mOnica's Closet

Its started with online shopping, I've been addicted to it since 2009, since then, after I have know how about online shopping transactions; I get an idea to sell my own stuff. I enjoy my first income and I get used to it so I buy new stocks then and paid PHP5,000 to make my own page on Facebook. And it all started there, from a hobby to business. I quit from my job and concentrated on this business. I know this is the desires of my heart and it keeps me happy. And in God's time, I wanna build my own physical shop. AMEN!

A fresh new start: LOOKBook.nu New Post 2012

Wow, I miss my blog. I can't even remember my last update and my last log-in. It's been a year or a months I think.

 Now, this is a fresh new start, as in literally, because I deleted my old post already. Hehehe. I rename also my blog title from my name "Ms. Monelyn B." to "monelyn's passion for fashion". I like it this way.

I'll be posting here my new buys, my new addiction for fashion, and anything that will get my attention or anything that will inspires me. That will includes of course my latest look in LOOKBook.nu.
A close up.
Beb Lace Collar Necklace: monicascloset
My favorite pairs of shoes.

Just wanna share my new buys last month, its actually a gift from my boyfriend on our 7th year anniversary.

Anyways, I order this online for PHP750 only, I paid PHP850 with shipping fee. I really like it. Its made to order, like I've waited for about almost 3weeks before I receive my item, but its worth it!

If you want to order, you can visit this site http://www.facebook.com/thekikayfindsshop there's a lot of designs to choose from.  xoxo

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