Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cebu City Tour, Philippines

Lapu Lapu City, The battle of mactan.
Handmade souvenirs.

 Taoist Temple, its the best place to unwind.

 Looks like in Singapore. *LOL
 This one amazed me, hope it will be available soon in Davao, you know what's inside? Ice cream, yeah! you heard me. Yummy ice cream wrapped with Ticoy. I salute who ever  did this.
 It's a food trip at Rai Rai Ken, love their food ever!
 Korean Food for lunch.
 Love their restaurant!
 You know the history....
The best part, ride on sa Kalisa around Colon. Love it!
 Going back home!

Indeed, It was a great vacation, will visit Cebu again soon.