Thursday, May 3, 2012

mini walk in closet: mOnica's Closet

mOnica's Closet
UP: Latest photo of our closet, for orders you can visit us on facebook. Like us to get exclusive updates.

mini walk in closet: mOnicas's Closet

This is where our stock are stored from  . All for sale items displayed on our shop is on the right side of the room. The other side will be my personal stuff. All new items will be displayed on this area.

HISTORY of mOnica's Closet

Its started with online shopping, I've been addicted to it since 2009, since then, after I have know how about online shopping transactions; I get an idea to sell my own stuff. I enjoy my first income and I get used to it so I buy new stocks then and paid PHP5,000 to make my own page on Facebook. And it all started there, from a hobby to business. I quit from my job and concentrated on this business. I know this is the desires of my heart and it keeps me happy. And in God's time, I wanna build my own physical shop. AMEN!

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