Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring: Review

Etude House Bubble Hair Dye
I've been wanting to dye my hair lately, I am undecided to dye my hair in Salon or will do it on my own, and I am happy when I visit Etude House yesterday at Robinson I saw this product. It cost PHP378 per box and it comes with different color. I bought  the Sweet Orange color for a change. The box includes the ff:
  1. Bubble Hair Coloring solution
  2. Silky Perfumed Treatment: Conditioner
  3. Pump bottle with liquid inside
  4. Instruction manual and some plastic gloves and cape
New Buys for today
Bought a journal at National Bookstore
King Jim, cost PHP128.00

1. Pour content of  #1(30ml) to #2(50ml).
2. After pouring #1 to #2, DON'T SHAKE IT, mix it very gently to side by side.
3. Wear the gloves and the cape to protect your skin from stain.
4. Pump the fume bubble out of the bottle.
5. Apply to wet hair just like shampooing.
6. Leave it for 30min to 1 hour and rinse, in my case I leave it for 1 hour to see best color result.
7.Apply the treatment after rinsing the hair, leave for 2-3min.
8. Let your hair dry.
9. There you go! Ready to take some photo!

The product is good, its easy to apply, I'll rate it 9/10.

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