Friday, June 1, 2012

New Buys: My shopaholic confession

Bought the red and yellow shoes at SM City Davao dept store. So pretty and affordable
Soulmate, Five&Co
I just bought my shoes at Primadonna SM City Davao branch. Bought it PHP1,500
It is so pretty and comfortable, really fits me well.

I made this one for my self. :)
Bangkok Products
................and I just can't  believe I bought this all in a week. This is my shopaholic confession, I know.... but this all makes me happy. I am loving the collars, laces, soft chiffon and the colors of the tops and dresses that I bought. Hugh! crazzzzyyyyyyyyyy meee............ I can't wait to post this all in . So excited! Next in line, photoshoot. Yes....

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